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Dances With Hummingbirds

Posted by Amy in General

On of my Dad’s favorite movies use to be Dances with Wolves. Since he has had his shoulder operated on he gets a little stir-crazy during his recouperation. The back patio has two hummingbird feeders..although the little buggers will only drink out of one of them and then only one at a time because they each chase the other hummingbirds away. They are a very territorial bunch- these birds. Anyway we have created “Dances with Wolves” types of names for our hummingbird visitors:

Stands On Top- So named because after drinking and sometimes before he stands on top of the feeder to protect his food source.

Notch Head- So named because well…he has a notch on his head.

Red-headed Chief (or sometimes we just call him Chief)- So named because he seems to be the bossiest of all the hummingbirds that visit. Distinguished by his brilliant red head. Although lately, Stands On Top has been giving chief a run for his money.

Peers Around- So named because she sits down on the feeder, drinks and then leans way over to peer around the feeder to see what is going on in the kitchen.

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