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Susan’s Survivor MI-5

Posted by Amy in General

Susan says: My inspiration this week is the season premiere of Survivor: China.

1. Usually someone will emerge as a leader in each tribe, but last  night, one tribe sort of thrust leadership upon someone. He accepted the role, but said it made him a little uncomfortable. Do you feel you are a natural leader or is it something you had to learn? Or, on the flip side, something you were neither born with or learned?  I am not really a leader- or at least I don’t view myself as one.  Sometimes I will take charge of something but only because it is something I like to do or something I want to be done right…but I don’t view myself as a leader.

2. The contestants had trouble sleeping because they got soaking wet while trying to construct shelter. What is the longest you have gone without a significant amount of sleep & why?  I am one of those people who need at least 5-6 hours of sleep to function correctly.  Occasionally I will go through bouts of insomnia – usually triggered by stress.  My last one was Sunday night. I came to work and was trying to function on 2.5 hours of sleep. I was pretty useless and could barely keep my eyes open…I ended up going home early and taking a nap…even thought I only napped for about an hour I felt 900% better.

3. When the contestants first arrived on the island, they had no shelter or fire & only the clothes on their back. They were given one pot of rice, but no other supplies. So what’s the most important thing to make first–shelter or fire? I think fire…because with fire can come warmth and the ability to eat to sustain your self and purify your water which are all essential elements for living.  However I do think Shelter is pretty high up there on the list.

4. One of the first things the contestants had to do was participate in a Buddhist ceremony in a temple, with several idols lining the walls. The host made a point of saying that he realized the group was made up of people who had a variety of beliefs, so this ceremony was not worship, simply a way for the Chinese to say “welcome”. One of the women said she was not “religious”, but she has a personal relationship with Jesus & that when she bows it will be only to Him. Do you think she made the right decision? What would you do?  I think she made the right decision for her. It obviously upset her and she was not comfortable- so she left.  I am really a “You Can’t Please Everyone So You Got To Please Yourself” (to quote Rick Nelson) type of person- especially when it comes to spirituality and religion.  If it had been me- I would have gone through the ceremony.

5. The prize is a million dollars. Is it worth being separated from family & friends, risking your health & living very primitively for 39 days? My answer to this is a resounding AW HELL NO!  Not that I wouldn’t want a million dollars but I am not really that outdoorsy and this is not something I would do for a chance…and is probably not something I would do if I was definitely going to get a million dollars just not a chance at it.  It made me laugh when the one girl on Survivor China said “I am no not the outdoorsy type” and my answer was “They why the heck did you sign up for the show…you had to know what it was about.”

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  • beloved says:

    I had the same reaction to the woman who said she wasn’t “outdoorsy.” And what about another woman who said, “I thought this was going to be a piece of cake.” What! One more thought–anyone who has watched any previous seasons knows there is a chance they will not be allowed to take anything but the clothes on their back. Why then does anyone bother to dress up? Just for the viewing audience? It’s crazy!

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