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I Finally Did It (aka: Nascar Fans: How Do You Do It?)

Posted by Amy in General

So…for those keeping track. I finally did it. I know you probably thought I was all talk before…but I bit the bullet and bought tickets for my first Nascar race. I am now the proud owner of two grandstand tickets in Blue4P at Las Vegas Motorspeedway for March 2nd. And I will be the first to admit that I got carried away and got Sunday garage passes too. I am excited and nervous…all at the same time.

I don’t know how you fans out there can afford to do multiple races because it is about killing me to know that I laid down a very sizable chunk of change for ONE DAY at the track. ONE DAY…and I am not even sitting where I wanted to be sitting because those tickets? Forget about it.

I am fairly sure that I paid more for one ticket to see the nascar race in March (not including garage pass) than my dad paid for the time he bought us tickets to see the Indy Cars at Laguna Seca the first time…and his tickets included Primo Seats in the coveted Turn 11 (not so coveted now that they built huge pit suites that block the view of the hill) and paddock (garage) passes for the entire weekend Thursday through Sunday. I could go on and tell you the embarrassing story about how we were wandering around on Friday in the paddock area and my dad saw A.J. Foyt giving autographs at the back of his hauler..(yeah THE AJ FOYT!) and he literally had to PUSH me at the man to get his autograph because THAT WAS AJ FOYT! (and let me tell you while most race car drivers tend to be smaller in person than you would imagine…he is bigger. He was very nice…but for some reason he intimidated the bejeebuz out of me).

That being said…I am soo excited about the race I could bust! I can’t wait to hear it…smell it…taste it…feel it. I remember all those sensations when I went to my first race…they assault you…and you either love it (like me and my dad) or you think it is kinda of gross (like my mom). I can’t wait to compare them with Nascar.

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