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Code Word: Tony Stewart

Posted by Amy in General

Sometimes BFM and I call each other during our work day…just to say “Hey” or catch up on some gossip in one of our workplaces. However sometimes when there is gossip in our workplace and we are in the workplace- it isn’t the easiest of times to talk about that drama. So we have, quite by accident, come up with a code word for the action of being fired.

It was all the invention of BFM! She called me and said mentioned that she had something to tell me about and it was about a person in her workplace who’s name is the same as the name of a cousin of hers and of mine (the cousins aren’t the same…they share the same name). So then she says well ask me about her…and usually I am really good at this game however- I was distracted because I was at work and I was working…so finally we had this conversation:

BFM “What is Tony Stewart’s nickname again?”

Me: “Smoke.”

BFM: “That’s right…and where does it come from?”

Me: “The tires.”

BFM: (chuckling hard) “Well in his case yes…but in most cases…”

Me: (light bulb virtually brightening right over my head) “Fire! FIRED! Person X got FIRED.”

BFM: “Yep..details later.”

Fast forward to another conversation a couple days later:

BFM: “Guess what. TONY STEWART!!!”

Me: “Someone else? Was it person Y?”

BFM: “You got it fast this time.”

Me: “I love this game!”

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