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Why is it weekends never go as planned??

Posted by Amy in General

I can never figure that one out.  I had plans for the weekend…but they were led astray….as they always are.

My weekend started Friday.  I had the day off. I planned to do so much with it.  Mostly I was going to do most of my weekend chores (you know…the fun stuff like laundry and bathroom cleaning).  Yet what happened? First off I got sucked into playing FLATOUT 2 with my dad.  I just love me some demolition derby computer gaming.  There is something satisfying about taking a vehicle and slamming it into someone else.

Then we went to visit my grandma at the rehab facility (she had  back surgery a couple weeks ago and is in the rehab place convalescing).  Then to lunch at our favorite taco place.


Saturday including some of the chores I was hoping to get done on friday. Another visit to Grandma.  While in the vicinity we stopped by Trader Joe’s since we don’t have one.  Bought some of the best Artichokes ever there. Yum.


Sunday was spent trying to watch the race which was rain delayed not once but twice…and of course everytime the race came back on…the jets at the airshow were flying over- which was annoying.  Also worked on finishing up chores I was hoping to get done.

So much for spending Sunday watching the race, reading and setting up my playstation. At least it made it out of the box. Still hasn’t been hooked up yet.

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