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Welcome To My Jungle…with Bullets

Posted by Amy in General

I guess it is delurker day- so I wanted to welcome and encourage anyone who is new or who hasn’t commented on BadGroove to do so- we love the comments…or rather I love the comments…I really really do so come on down.

Now..some bullet goodness:

  • There was a huge crisis in the casa de Amy! We were out of Milk Bones. Roxy was practically going through convulsions at not having her morning Milk Bone…and had to suffer through for three days. The little Meaty Bones I gave her as a substitute just weren’t cutting it. Worry not- I picked up a box yesterday and peace was restored.
  • Guess what I just bought? No not a car (don’t excite me!), I bought an eight pack of Zig pens…because I love me some pens. Yes I know they are usually for scrapbooking…but i like to write with them.
  • The local newscaster this morning made me laugh…but then I felt bad and have been rummaging through dictionaries trying to find out if I am right or not….She said “tournicated” (as in rhymes with fornicated) in reference to someone who in the past tense applied a tourniquet. She used it as a verb. It made me laugh….but then I felt bad for mocking her and have been looking to see if it is indeed a word- I find no reference so now I don’t feel so bad for poking fun. This all stems from my coworker- who claims I said “confusement” on the phone to a customer and now often chides me with it…I don’t remember saying it…but it does sound like it should be a word…so maybe I did. Needless to say there is much confusement over the situation here.
  • Is it Friday yet?

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