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Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award….

Posted by Amy in General

Well over a month ago I was given the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award by ETS.  Part of this award bestowed upon me, is to reciprocate and myself give the award to five “Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.”  So here goes nothing:

  1. Chrissy:   Chrissy totally rocks…and not just because she has been downloading Poison songs recently.  Some of her posts have moved me….one day I wanna write like Chrissy writes.
  2. Valli: Valli rocks because well…like me she loves Nascar.  She also likes Dale Jr. and who the heck can blame her? Not me that is for sure. (Don’t be fooled by the skin…I love Tony…but Dale he is a hottie!)
  3. Adelle: I have followed her since we got matched up in a blogexchange.  Adelle knits some of the most amazing stuff.  Plus…she is raising money for the American Heart Association Heartwalk in honor of her nephew so donate if you can.
  4. E: She is in school, works, is in band and loves NASCAR! Not to mention- she has a cool blog name (I Solemnly Swear That I am Up To No Good). AND she loves college football.
  5. Sarah: She knits, makes her own stitchmarkers (which I think is totally cool!) and has two darling children.  But mostly she rocks because she is a tells it like it is and I have loved her blog forever-but I don’t think I have ever mentioned it on badgroove.

Well there are my 5 Rockin Girl Bloggers.  Girls…be sure to nominate five on your own.

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