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More DirectTV Nascar Hotpass Hate:

Posted by Amy in General

This was written after the Kansas race…not Talladega…just FYI.

Two more HATES (original LOVE/HATE post) for the DirectTV NASCAR HOTPASS:

  1. After the last rain delay at the Kansas race? They forgot to turn the individual driver channels back on for what seemed like forever. So I was stuck having to watch it on the Mix channel – which wasn’t very helpful…because I couldn’t figure out that the race on Cable was moved over to ESPN2….urg.
  2. After Tony Stewart wrecked out- the 799 (the Tony Stewart Channel) went directly over to being the Clint Bowyer channel- so I missed Tony throwing his fit. I didn’t even KNOW he threw a fit until much later that night whilst talking to BFM. She was all…YOU DIDN’T SEE HIS FIT?? LET ME TELL YOU….

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