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Part 1: Gamer Girl, The Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…I admit it. Sometimes I like to play me some video games. I use to LOVE the Sims on my computer. I use to play the SIMS so much that my eyes would cross. I would spend hours building dream homes….and cultivating relationships between my Sims (they were my SIMS…I never got into the online thing). I could get lost in it. Then I started having dreams in which the people in the dreams? They had the big green sims diamond above their head to indicate mood. So I laid off playing the Sims. I figure it is bad when you start to dream in video game.

Then last year my sister-in-law came over to my house sporting a pink nintendo DS. Ooh I fell in love with that little contraption. She actually let me borrow it for a week…and I was hard pressed to give it back. So I asked for one for my birthday in January. I ended up with an IOU because EVERYWHERE was sold out of the pink nintendo DS (and the black and the white too). That happens a lot when your birthday is three weeks after Christmas. I finally ended up getting one in march. That is fun. I like to grab it and play it. I go through phases where I try to complete a whole game. The easiest game I have completed? Pogo Island. Took me less than a day. The hardest so far? Diner Dash. I am so close….I am on the last level…and have been forever. It is driving me nuts. Sometimes my sister-in-law brings hers over and we play together. That is fun too. Or we swap games. Also fun.

Then I heard about NASCAR 08…and oooh how I wanted it. Unfortunately it was only being offered for gaming platforms; PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360. Well that sucks. So I contemplated and contemplated….and spoke with my brother about the benefits of the ps2 vs ps3 vs xbox. Following his suggestion I did go Sony…but not heeding his advice I went with a PS2 because I paid less for it than I did my nintendo ds…yes it was new. My brother told me to wait and buy a PS3…but I didn’t want to wait…AND I didn’t think that I would like it that much to warrant a $499.99 price tag either. Pretty much I was right. I mean I like the PS2…but I don’t think I would have wanted to pay more than I did for it.

I also bought Nascar 08 for the playstation. If you have watched any of the Nascar races this season I am sure you have seen the commercials (I HATE JEFF GORDON or I LOVE JEFF GORDON come to mind). It is fun…but frustrating. I don’t know the controller that well…and I am not that great at the game…yet. Give me time. I can kick butt in the whelan series cars….when I am not running into the wall. It looks more like bumpercars when I play. But like anything I am sure the more I play the better I will get. I have been looking into getting other ps2 games…mostly racing games because that is what I am into. I really want FlatOut2. I have played that a bit on my dad’s computer and I LOVE it….especially the wrecking derbys….there is something that is satisfying about running into other cars on purpose. I also want World of Outlaws 02…but I can’t find it new anywhere (well I found a couple of new copies in the amazon.com marketplace…for $200.00 which is outrageous). So if anyone has it and it is playable…let me know…I would love to borrow it…or buy it off of you…as long as you don’t want $200.00 for it.

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  • Elyse says:

    *GASP* NASCAR ’08 came out for PS2??? I thought it only came out for PS3!!!! I’m gettin’ me some racin’ game baby!

    I pick awesome times to go to the bathroom and missed the Stewart thing. Everyone’s talking about it but WHAT HAPPENED??

    Correction: I ATTEMPT to knit. I can knit scarves and that is really about it haha.

  • Karah says:

    We had NASCAR 07 where I work when we had a playstation and I would play it constantly LMFAO

    Thanks for the link btw, I’m gonna link you as well!

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