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Martinsville, Virginia

Posted by Amy in General

Ahhh Martinsville. In general? I am a fan of short tracks. But today? 20 cautions? Come on! Seriously!

Tony started 34th…and was up as high as 2nd. Ended up 14th because of a pitstop and a caution filled last 60 laps. Second to last caution? Or maybe it was the third to last? Tony was trying to run up through the pack as fast as he could make his way through and when the caution flag got thrown? He just shook his head. Funny thing is I was shaking my head too….too many cautions…not enough laps….He knew it and I knew it.

For those of you without the benefit of DirecTv hotpass and being able to watch the Tony Stewart channel…his spotter Mark Robertson was earning his money today. He saved Tony several times from getting collected in accidents.  He was awesome.  Of course I have always been fascinated by spotters (and pit crews in general).  Then again my dad would tell you that I would not make a good spotter because I wouldn’t be able to stand way up there on those platforms being as petrified of heights as I am).

I don’t think Tony has been mathematically eliminated from winning the cup…but it would take a lot. A whole lot. And some major Hendricks failures for him to win.

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  • RevJim says:

    I’m beginning to think that this may not be Tony’s year. Who the heck was driving the #1 car? I heard a rumor that they found Martin Truex, Jr bound and gagged behind the hauler.

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