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Laundry questions…particularly you TIDE users…

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…so I hate doing laundry. Who doesn’t…but Tide is really starting to piss me off. Let me tell you my story:

I have shirts that I wear to work and shirts that I wear on days I don’t work. The shirts that I wear on the days I don’t work are by and large tshirts that are black brown or blue and tend to be Harley Davidson shirts (not all…but most). The shirts that I wear to work…probably in most circles would also be considered tshirts…but I don’t consider them tshirts. They are v necked and ribbed. These mostly consist of light colors no graphics. Like today for instance I am wearing a light teal one. Anyway…these shirts do NOT get along with TIDE for some reason. Now I will be the first to admit that I tend to drip stuff on my shirts when I eat. I should get in the habit of changing out of these when I get home…but occasionally I drop, dribble, spill, or douse myself in food products. I am pretty good at getting these food stains out. However I have had my two FAVORITE SHIRTS (one a peachy sherberty color that makes me look really tan!, and the other an orange short sleeve number) come OUT of the wash with a blue stain on it. That is right BLUE. As in the color of the Tide I use. I am very careful. This is not ink…I KNOW these shirts did not have mysterious blue stain on them before laundering….and they happened on very different loads months apart. Does this happen to anyone else??? It angers me because that damn blue stain??? Will NOT come out. Thing is? I tend do this: Dump liquid (Blue!) tide in washer. Turn on water to fill tub….and then add my shirts after there is water in there. Is this wrong? Why are my shirts coming out all stained? Has this been happening to my harley shirts too but because they are darker or thicker or something that I don’t see it??

This tide is used because of a mild skin allergy to some detergents that makes me a little itchy. I am going to try that new tide lilac with baking soda in hopes that it is not BLUE or STAINING….but should I just switch over to woolite or something?

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  • I was going to say “dump detergent in first, not on top of clothes,” but you’re already doing that. Sorry, I can’t be of help. We use Tide Free (I think–it’s something Free).

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