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Disappointing Atlanta…

Posted by Amy in General

Well Tony Stewart and the 20 crew had an extremely disappointing day in Atlanta.  They made a strong showing at the beginning of the race moving from 30th to 7th within something like 30-40 laps.  Tony wasn’t happy with the set up so the team started tweaking and things just went down hill from there.  A tire problem and a faulty oil gauge later and we ended up the race in 30th place…right back where we started.  Talk about the day of bad luck…that was probably the worse luck I have ever seen. I hope I am not jinxing them by following em so closely (wink wink).

Also, I wanted to mention Jimmie Johnson’s generous donation of his race wins to the Red Cross for the victims of the California wildfires as well as the contributions from Lowe’s and Hendricks Motorsports…I know he was originally from the southland…but I think it is great that he is being so generous with his winnings.

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  • RevJim says:

    Well, I would say the pressure is off the #20 team for the rest of this year. Now maybe Tony can have some fun and win races! I’m going to remain positive, though I don’t think it was in the cards for this to be Smoke’s year.
    I mentioned Jimmie’s donation on my blog, too. I think Harvick and some other drivers from California contributed as well.

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