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NASCAR admits water got into fuel

Posted by Amy in General

Denny Hamlin didn’t run out of gas…on the restart that collected Martin Truex Jr amongst others.  He had water in his fuel.  Nascar has just admitted this happened.  After the race I was talking to BFM who said she didn’t understand if Denny Hamlin was probably low on fuel why he didn’t pit…this mistake caused Martin Truex Jr and Kyle Busch to have significantly lower finishes than they would have if his car hadn’t stalled on the restart…which it turn changed the points standings.

Thought: Maybe this is why Tony’s car “bottomed” out when his oil gauge went haywire.  Then again maybe not.  Tony was just having a bad day…

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  • RevJim says:

    I hope that the #20 team can put the Chase behind them now and just have fun. Who knows, that just might bring some wins?
    I made a joke that it was VitaWater in the fuel, and it was only meant to be a joke. Now I’ve been reading the aluminum foil hat people suggesting that Everham was involved in a conspiracy to mess up the points, because he is outside the chase. See how this “news” thing works?

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