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A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On…

Posted by Amy in General

Well about 40 minutes ago…we experienced a pretty decent shaker (earthquake). Initial reports have it as a 5.6 centered near Alumn Rock in San Jose, CA. Living in California for any length of time, you actually do forget about earthquakes…I don’t even feel small ones anymore.

I had just gone online and was sitting at my desk when it started shaking and I thought…oh look a little earthquake. Then it kept going and going and going and getting stronger and stronger. My heart started racing a little. I sought shelter in a door frame…hanging items were swinging. There was definite creaking.

The funny thing was…earlier today I was sitting in the house and I heard the house creak (a lot of times that is the only way you will know you are having an earthquake…the houses will creak…like they are settling) and I thought to myself…we haven’t had a shaker in awhile. Then I thought..DON’T THINK THAT- YOU WILL JINX IT.

Anyway…I haven’t heard anything about damages closer to the center…but we are all fine here. Shaken…but not stirred.

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