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Are You Ready For Some Football???

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…I figure it is time to talk football here on BadGroove.  I am part of a football pool.  This is not one of those pick a box on a grid and get assigned numbers kinda pool.  In short each week, each participant chooses a team they think will win that week.   Trick is? You can NOT pick the same team twice.  If you pick a losing team once you are still in the pool.  Pick two losing teams? You are out of there.

That being said…I have two favorite teams.  I like the Steelers and The Chargers.   I have no real reasons why I chose these teams…but I chose them a long time ago as being “my favorites.”  Well last week when I was chosing my team for the week I considered choosing the Chargers.  But my Steelers were calling out to me to pick them.  I am not going to go into my method of picking my weekly team…some involves research but I am also a “gut instinct” person.   I don’t usually like to pick the Monday night team.  It is just a weird thing that I have….mostly I think it is because I like to have my game out of the way so I can start considering who to pick for the following weekend.

I finally decided it was time to pick the Steelers, even though they are the Monday game.  I am glad I did because the Chargers tanked.  Despite the fact that I like the Chargers I was actually hoping the WOULD tank…because two thirds of the people who are in the pool took the Chargers.  And because the Chargers lost? That took out just over half of the pool who already had one loss (most of them had a first loss when they picked Green Bay).  I am hoping that the Steelers win tonight…but if they don’t I will still be in the pool.

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  • Elyse says:

    Being in the heart of Bengals country calls for me to be sad at your choice of football team from Shittsburgh. But, because I love your blog, I’ll let it slide. ;-)

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