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I Created A Nascar Fan!

Posted by Amy in General

I have been a racing fan nearly all my life. BFM and I have been friends since approximately 1987-1988 somewhere. I was a race fan back then yes. As a matter of fact one of the first times we ditched school (this would have probably been around 1990 or 1991 I figure) was to go to a race (and yes our parents knew). While we had fun at the race (we can pretty much go anywhere and have fun…seriously)- I am sure I had far more fun than she did being a race fan. For those keeping track this would have been a CART race at Laguna Seca…that my dad got comped tickets for.

Fast forward to 2007. I decided to quit saying “Someday, I will go see a real NASCAR race” and called up BFM and said “If I buy tickets will you go to a NASCAR race with me?” (not hard- remember she lives in Las Vegas). She agreed of course, even though, at the time she was probably thinking something along the lines of …eh…a race…whatever. Being the bestest friend she is she was cool with going even though it wasn’t something she was necessarily excited about….because she knew it was something that excited me.

I let her borrow one of my NASCAR books, A Girl’s Guide to Nascar by Liz Allison, so, if she wanted, she could peruse it at her leisure. Then I decided to annotate the book with my own notes. Originally it was just going to be a note here or there….but then it turned into this:

And she dove in and worked her way through. She picked a driver to love (Jeff Gordon…see “Ribbin is Friendship” entry to figure out why that is NO suprise)….and jumped into NASCAR with both feet. Now I am proud to say she is a total fan. We were best friends anyway…but having your best friend turn into a NASCAR fan too…that is great. She even understands the points and gives me updates as to who has to finish where in the chase to overtake her Jeff Gordon (which Jimmie Johnson did last weekend at Texas Motorspeedway).

It tickles me to death though that she picked up NASCAR and is now a total fan!!



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