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Speeding Bullets…some race related, some not.

Posted by Amy in General
  • I just realized I didn’t blog about the race in Texas.  Am I surprised at who won? No.  I did LOVE Matt Kenseth giving ol’ JJ a run for his money for those last few laps though.  I was rooting for Matt then.   And what was up with Tony Stewart harassing Kevin Harvick by playing bumper cars there at the beginning?? Thank goodness for DVR because I had to run to the store (why do these things always happen when I have to run off for 10 minutes) and missed that…and didn’t even find out about it until late that night…in conversation with BFM.  Thank goodness I hadn’t deleted it out of my DVR list yet.
  • Ok…I am officially an idiot.  How long have I been bitching about when the announcers talk over the incar audio?  How long??? Well with DirecTV HotPass….as long as I am using the DVR receiver in my room and not our ancient receivers in the other rooms I can change the audio so that all I hear is incar audio…how totally cool.  I watched all of Atlanta via team audio only….because I am weird like that.   The bad part is…I discovered this purely by accident whilst fiddling with my remote.
  • The cold weather is here. The drippy fog is here.  What sucks the most is that I can’t decide how to dress. If I wear clothes for the climate outside (warmer things with long sleeves etc) I end up baking to a crisp in my office which I have no control over the heat.  Today it was freeze while I walked through the parking lot and quad on my way to work and then walk into our building was like walking into a hairdryer on full blast.  That can’t be healthy.  And yes I suppose I could wear a jacket or a sweatshirt but then I would have to wrestle it off and then remember to put it back on.  Too much of a hassle.
  • Don’t hate me but I am already adjusted to the time change for the most part.  Waking up to light is much better for me than waking up to dark.  I don’t like going home in the dark afterwork but I would rather do that then wake up when it is dark.  Just doesn’t work for me.
  • Speaking of the time change…it is doing a number on poor Roxy.  During Daylight Savings she would come ask for her dinner around 5:00.  So now she asks for it around 4:00.  We even started before the time change by making her wait for dinner til 5:45 but she still wants to be fed at 4:00 and she isn’t shy about letting the closest human know this.

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  • Janet says:

    I think I’ve only worn shoes (vs flip flops) three times so far.

    Funny how Roxy knows the time!

  • Lisa says:

    I have to say that I am finding this to be a very boring Nascar year. I am so sick and tired of JJ winning. And, Eben is so absolutely anti-JJ that he is impossible to deal with if JJ wins. Time to change the Nascar points rules again. Remember that they implemented the whole “Chase” thing the year after Matt Kenseth won the title–he had such a points lead that no one could catch him. If they have to change the rules because Matt Kenseth made things boring, then they definitely should change them because JJ makes them boring. Besides–I am a firm believer that most of his wins are as a result of some shady dealings on Knaus’s part.

  • Eben says:

    I don’t think my Mom is right about this. I mean, c’mon even though Johnson wins 9 races, he’s only 30 points ahead of Gordon. I mean easily, Gordon could take the title in one victory. Oh, and thank you for the Nascar cards. I wasn’t expecting them. The Tony Stewart notecard was cool. Where did you find them?

  • RevJim says:

    Eben, you’re right on, man.
    Amy that last nine laps was fantastic. I don’t know what the deal was between Tony and Kevin, but Kevin said something about Tony not being the only one on the track. There must have been a battle between the two of them going for the same place at the same time.
    They are good friends, and I think that Tony made a mistake (who doesn’t) and he played it safe by not trying to race him for the rest of the race. You might have noticed, at the end of the race, when Smoke was in 11th, and Happy in tenth, Tony didn’t try to catch him.
    This is just conjecture, because I haven’t heard anything else about it.

  • Hey RevJim,

    Wanna know something cool about Eben? He’s 10!

    Billy Rhythm
    AKA (to Eben) Uncle Bill

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