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10th NaBloPoMo Day…and starting to feel it…

Posted by Amy in General

Ok people…I am starting to feel the pressure of NaBloPoMo. It is not that I can’t find things to blog about (although if you have suggestions of something you would like to see me write about please feel free- and I will try to work them in- I already have a suggestion from Janet that I am going to work up soon. I think it is a fun challenge).

My biggest NaBloPoMo issue is the weekend blogging. I know it is sad but true. This weekend will be really hard because BFM will soon be in town (expecting her later today). So I am gonna have to blog early in the morning so that I can maximize BFMtime…we don’t see each other often enough! Oh and what better way to do that then to go get our hair done tonight. BFM’s hairdresser since I have known BFM who is now my hairdresser as well is purposely staying open tonight so we get our hair done…and let me tell you… I NEED IT. How badly do I need it? I haven’t had highlights done since JANUARY people (so basically- my hair is dark mousy blonde with light blond tips)…and I haven’t had my hair trimmed since the beginning of March. Now the reason I haven’t had a haircut is I was trying to grow it out a bit…because I want to change my style a little bit and I usually have such short layers that it is hard to play with…but now I am just sick of it hanging everywhere!!! So Yey for BFM coming for a visit…and Yey for haircut and highlights!!!

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