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Racing in The Valley of the Sun…and other stuff.

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Well the race at Phoenix was good.  Lots of good clean racing. Great passing. No too many cautions.  It would have, of course, been a better day for me had Tony Stewart won…but this is the year of Mr. Jimmie Johnson (apparently I forgot to consult the nascar calendar to see what year it was…how could I be so silly).  Ole JJ is a powerhouse no one can stop this year…and it seems that the entire field has been eliminated in stealing to Nextel cup with the exception of his teammate Jeff Gordon.

Tony did excellent but just didn’t have it in the end.  I do have some thoughts on his performance but they aren’t well congealed enough in my head to actually put down here.   I will say that I may have jinxed the team because Sunday morning, before the race, BFM and I went to Home Depot on a lark.  Where I spotted this and decided I must buy it for the christmas display this year:



I had a great time with BFM visiting from LV.  I was, as always, sad to see her go this morning.  So I consoled myself by buying a new purse.  Roxy (who absolutely LOVES BFM) consoled herself by sniffing around the spare room until every molecule left by BFM had been consumed by her nose…then sleeping most of the day.

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