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I got up at 4:50 am this morning.  Yes you read that correctly.  Why? To hit some pre-Thanksgiving sales.  Yes I am totally insane. You can send my official “Gone Nuts” card to the address at the very bottom of the blog. What did I buy? Nothing for Christmas and nothing for me.  I bought baby clothes.  But I had to…they were adorable. Did I not tell you I would spoil this child?

Then I went with my parents to go grocery shopping for my Granny.  Why did I go? Because I wanted to get out and about and not waste my own gas…not at $3.65 a gallon. Nu-uh!  We also ended up going to Costco because apparently they didn’t go on friday when they normally go.  Costco on Saturday afternoon? Insane…who knew shopping could be a contact sport? Not me :)

I did some reading.  (The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold).

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