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The Uneventful End of a Season…

Posted by Amy in General

As I suspected there were no suprises.  Jimmie Johnson had a good solid run and took home the championship.  Tony had a good run for awhile…but that went away and he crashed.  It was probably my fault…when I was out in the yard working I was wearing my Tony hat.  I swear when I wear my hat he doesn’t do well…problem is that I love my hat….especially not that my hair is so short as I feel that my face is very exposed to the sun.

I can only hope that Tony has a better season next year. That reset is pushed and they come out strong right out of the starting gate at Daytona.   I would love to see him win the Sprint Cup next year…that would just be awesome after having such a disappointing season this year.

My friend (the Jeff Gordon fan) likes to tease me. She says all my favorites are having a sucky year this year…because there is my favorite Tony…and my other two favorites who didn’t even make the chase: Kasey Kahne and Junior.  She says I am a curse and I should pick some other drivers…

I am still unsure, as a fan, if I like the Car of Tomorrow…which is officially now just the car.  I was watching RaceDay on Speed today and they had a COT and the regular cup car going around the track at Homestead and I just think the regular cup car looks more like a race car…the COT sits more like a truck to me.

That being said I am greatly looking forward to next season.  Tony will be in a Toyota…and I will finally be seeing my first NASCAR race live in the flesh.  On RaceDay they were talking about things that NASCAR should try to improve on for the season if they can…and one of the announcers (it might have been Jeff Hammond but I don’t remember off the top of my head) mentioned that they should really start looking at a way to lower ticket prices.  I agree because if tickets were cheaper I would be going to three races next year instead of one.  I picked Vegas because it would be more cost effective. But I would love to go to Fontana.  And I would like to sneak a trip to Sears Point in too.  But who could afford that?  I spent about the same amount on race tickets as I will spend on my Christmas budget this year.  I read a letter in NASCAR SCENE that said something to the effect of real race fans actually go to races.  Well you know what not all REAL race fans can afford to go to races.  Because there is not only the price of just getting into the venue…but the price of getting there and staying there.  Take this into consideration: the nearest track for me is Sears Point and is nearly three hours away by car.  I would NOT be able to physically drive to the track…watch the race start to finish…then get into a car and drive back.  It would be too long of a day.  I would have to get a hotel room…and that is just to go one day…what if I wanted to go for the entire weekend.  Crazy.

Anyway- enough of that.  I am looking forward to seeing my race next year and to a good year for Tony and Joe Gibbs Racing in general as they move from Chevrolet to Toyota.

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