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Side of A Bullet(ed list)

Posted by Amy in General
  • I am starting to run out of witty titles to call my bulleted lists. As you know I like them to have the word Bullet in them.  I guess no more bulleted lists til I come up with a new title.
  • You will notice I have switched my blogskin away from my beloved NASCAR skin…the racing season is over so I thought I would show off my other rockin’ skin. Doesn’t mean I don’t still live for NASCAR and my driver Tony Stewart…just means I thought you all might appreciate a new look for awhile.  Another great design by Goofy Girl!!
  • This cracks me up…Cops Give the Bird to Sober Drivers.  Yes this is near where I live.   Sad thing? All the birds will no doubt be gone in like five minutes.  No I will not be out vying for a free bird.
  • I know I haven’t talked much about my crafting…that is because I have been kind of on a crafting hiatus of sorts.  However- I can’t wait to get my new batch of yarn so I can start crocheting a baby blanket and accessories for my soon to be nephew (soon as in March).  I can’t wait to get going on those projects!!! Yey!
  • Roxy has been going through some sort of stage lately.  She was mischeivious when she was a pup…but she mellowed as she got older. Or so I thought.  I relax for a second and she had tracked mud all over my bed twice in the last week or so, shredded some sort of paper all over the house, and somehow managed to get her face in a bag of circus animal cookies that were open. I don’t think she ate too many…but I had to throw out the bag…because she had her whole head in the bag people.  She is just lucky she is so damn cute:

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