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I would probably lose a limb if they weren’t fastened to my person….or lock it in the car.

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I lose things.  Namely important things like keys and atm cards and favorite pens.  I can’t tell you how many times I locked my keys in my car.  For awhile- the main reason I owned a cell phone? Was so I could call roadside assistance or my family/friends so that I could get my car unlocked (all my friends and family had a key).  Of course that did nothing for me when I locked the phone right in with the keys.  When I bought the Rav I bought a base model that didn’t have keyless entry.  One of the main reasons I got an alarm put in is that it added keyless entry to the Rav so I was far less likey to lock my keys in the car.  Plus as I have gotten older, I have learned to always try to put my items in the same place.  When I come in I try to remember to put my keys in the keybowl.  When I use the drive through ATM I try to remember to put my card back in my wallet.  When I go to Starbucks and use my magically reloading starbucks card I try to remember to put it back in my wallet.

Well the other day I went shopping and my ATM card was NOT in my wallet.  I didn’t panic.  I used a credit card instead and  figured that I had left the card in my pants or my cubby in the car when I went to the bank.  No big.  Well I left the store and immediately checked the cubby. No card.   Well it must be in my other pants I told myself…but I dumped out my new purse on the passenger seat…no card.  Well no worries I am sure it is in my pants.  I went about the rest of my shopping and when I returned home…I checked my pants, my hamper, and my desk. NO ATM card. I went back out to the car and checked under the seats. Nope. No atm card.  Panic started rising. What if I dropped it and someone was running around pretending to be me spending my christmas money or my fun money…or worse…my bills money?  I ran right to the phone and called my bank and cancelled my atm card and got a new one.  The problem? I will not get my new card for 7-10 days.  That means I am without money for over a week because I don’t carry cash. I use my atm card.  Now when I go to the store? I have to write a check! What is  with that?   I feel like that lady in the Visa Check Card Christmas Commercial who goes into the toy store and everyone is juggling their toys right into the festive gift boxes and when she whips out her checkbook everyone juggling gets out of synch and all the toys crash to the ground. I feel like her now.  So these seven to ten days with no atm card? I am on day three today and they are totally sucking.

By the way, in case you were wondering.  I found my ATM card.  In the purse that I dumped out and went through.  It was in the cellphone pocket.  What a loser I am.

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