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Love and A Bullet(ed List)

Posted by Amy in General
  • I am in the home stretch of NaBloPoMo and I think I will make it (fingers crossed)!  This was the first time I took part in it.   I thought weekends would be hard for me to post on …and frankly I was right…but I persevered.  The thing that I got out of it the most? Forcing myself to come up with content…usually I just write when the mood strikes me.  So that helped me in a way.
  • Remember about two or three weeks ago I told you that the theme to the Odd Couple was firmly stuck in my head?  Well it is still there.  If I am not listening to music or the TV is off…all I hear is the theme to the Odd Couple.  On my way to the bathroom a few minutes ago I found myself humming it.  Sick!  Now I loved the Odd Couple as a kid…but I can’t even remember the last time I watched the show.  This is getting freaky.
  • My brother is a real hoot.  Sometime over the Thanksgiving Holiday he left a message on the answering machine that was him singing the theme to THE LOVE BOAT.  He leaves some of the most humorous messages I have ever heard.
  • My Thanksgiving was…just a Thanksgiving. Nothing special.  There was turkey and corn and cranberry sauce (and mashed potato casserole and more food than you could shake a stick at).  There was Pumpkin Pie. There was far too many left overs.
  • We have started putting up our Christmas decorations.  As soon as everything is up and running I will take a picture of the whole effect.  In the meantime you can check out what has been done so far here on Flickr.
  • I finally started my Camoflauged Baby Bunting…this is what it looks like so far (only 7 rows into it):


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