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The Old Chevrolet Set Redux

Posted by Amy in General

Remember back in September when I claimed my love for the Chevy HHR? Well if you don’t…go ahead and check it out. I will wait for you don’t worry.  Back? Good. Well…then it should be no surprise to you to see this:

Sorry for the crappy quality picture…but this was taken with my camera phone….which sucks.  Its been raining so I haven’t had ability to take a wonderful picture with my good camera.   I present to you my new car.  On Tuesday morning I drove Doris the Rav4 to a Chevy dealership and abandoned her for this little beauty.  She is so fancy on the inside….I love her.  I still haven’t named her…but am leaning towards Greased Lightning.  We will see though.  She is an HHR LS in Silverstone….with gray leather interior.  And Seat Warmers (those kinda freak me out…who wants a hot keister?)…and remote start (something else that is weird to me).  It even has a little sunroof…which I like.

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