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Cell Phone DOA

Posted by Amy in General

Back on Nov 25th I told you of my cellphone hatred.  Well it only gets worse.  On Saturday night I spent probably 30 minutes or so the the phone with Verizon Technical Support.  I pulled my Samsung A950 out of my purse so that I could see of BFM had called me- since I had been outside most of the day helping with even more christmas lights (don’t ask- I have another entry to talk about that).  It said two missed calls so I hit OK to see who they were and that is when it happened.  Suddenly my phone said SEARCHING FOR SVC (which apparently means SERVICE).  And that is what it does now.  Did you know your cell phone has an uber secret menu that you can’t get too from the normal menu? Neither did I until the second level Verizon Tech support had me bring it up…(didn’t fix a darn thing).

In November I lamented on the fact that my cell phone had learned a new trick…that of the dropped call.  Well I think that the dropping of the call was a precursor to this NO SERVICE thing that it does.   Sometimes that SEARCHING FOR SVC thing goes away and it looks fine.  But the minute I go to make a call it won’t do it.  I get Calling…(number dialed) and then nothing…it sticks there. When I get frustrated and end call…my good pal SEARCHING FOR SVC is back.

The WHOLE reason I got this phone was that I had a Samsung that I LOVED. It was the most reliable, dependable phone ever.  The Samsung A950 however? Sucks!  About 6 weeks after I got the A950 the key pad stopped working completely.  I took it back to Verizon and they exchanged it for a new one.  I was unsatisfied with the battery life of this phone.  I complained to Verizon about it and they comped me a new battery…but it did the SAME thing- it drained in a day.  I ended up getting half-off an extended battery.  Then there is this crap about the service.  Worse part? I am not gonna lay down over $200 for a phone….I am up for a new phone at the end of January…and I will get me a new phone then.   In the meantime if you have my cell phone number…don’t call it. email me and I will give you the number of my dad’s phone.  He gave me his phone until my situation is fixed…because he doesn’t use his like I use mine…plus his work gives him a cell phone that he can use.

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