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In an effort to be less Grumpy…some random thoughts on my new car!!!

Posted by Amy in General

Yep…aren’t you lucky? Two bulleted lists in one day!!!

  • I GET IT NOW! Those seat warmers (or bun warmers as my mom calls them) are pretty nifty on a cold day…and Lisa was right….they are nice when you have a sore back!!!
  • Its amazing how I didn’t realize how noisy the Rav was in the cabin until I got the HHR which is very quiet in the cabin.
  • I wish it was sunny and warm so I could play with the sunroof more.
  • I have fallen hard over the XM radio…I will probably keep this if I can at all swing it.  I already have favorite stations (XM41, XM40, XM16, XM8 and one of the Christmas channels are already in my stereo presets).  It really puts the radio stations in my area to shame.  I may never listen to FM again! In my area the country station comes in fuzzy, there is no modern rock station, the best thing I can get is classic rock…which is ok…but I would much rather listen to the Boneyard!  Plus we get a bunch of the XM channels on our TV through our DirecTv…so I can listen at home if I want.
  • Onstar rocks…I just wish the phone minutes were cheaper (Especially since my cell phone died on me).
  • Traction Control…cool…but what is it and how does it work? And should I drive with it on all the time?? Anyone know?
  • After professing my love of the Chevy Nomad in the last bulleted list…I am wondering if that wasn’t one of the reasons I was drawn to the Chevy HHR?  They are both cool looking wagonesque cars. (Although don’t think when I was wandering around the Chevy showroom while waiting for the financing to go through on the HHR that I wasn’t drooling all over the twin Corvettes on the showroom floor. They even had my favorite color (bright HELLO WORLD I AM YELLOW).
  • And the last thought I have for now was actually something I think either BFM or my brother brought up….how funny is it that I went from driving a Toyota to driving a Chevy when my favorite driver (Tony Stewart) is going from driving a Chevy to driving a Toyota! Hopefully Tony will have as good of luck with his Toyota as I had with mine! Doris (my Rav4) was rode hard. She was very high mileage when I traded her in.  She had 64K on her at the end of the 2 year mark in ownership! She was very dependable (until recently) and the only thing I really ever had to fix on her was a cracked water pump that was found while having my belts replaced (routine replacement).

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