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More Bullets – Less Witty Title…(AKA The GrumpyTown Bullets)

Posted by Amy in General

Hey there all…its Bulleted List time at Badgroove again…

  • Well for those worried…a tree was fetched and decorated this weekend.  So we now have a tree….and it is a nice tree (purchased at Home Depot…we go there every year for a tree).  We ended up just getting new lights for the tree this year…and they are only green red and blue.  I thought that would be depressing…but it actually looks quite good.
  • I am still kinda grumpy…despite the recently gained tree.
  • I still have to do about half of my Christmas shopping….and I am normally one of those people who is done before thanksgiving…
  • Why I am putting it off? I have no idea…I guess that is because I am grumpy and not in the mood to deal with people.
  • Speaking about dealing with people… Its totally a monday at work.  I have been having a ton of calls transferred to me by a specific department for things that I can’t do. I called them and told them this.  Then I called my manager because it kept happening.  I mean the callers are getting frustrated being ping-ponged around and I don’t blame them…but I can’t help them either…because I don’t have the access to the system they need help with…I was getting irritated…and told off by a couple callers.  Urg. Merry Christmas to you too buddy.
  • Oh and speaking of…getting told off…I know there is a certain white Lexus driver out there who needs to be told off for not letting me merge into traffic…jerk.
  • Looks like Kasey Kahne is getting sued.  Nice topper to a less then desirable season for Kasey Kahne.  Hopefully next season will go better for him.
  • I saw Tony Stewart on TV (Speed to be exact) briefly at the Barrett Jackson auction on Life on The Block.  I have been fascinated by Barrett Jackson since I saw it the first time on tv…oh probably about two years ago or so…such beautiful cars…makes me wish I could afford to own a cherry split-window vette…..(sigh).  I have always had a thing for ‘vettes. Vettes and Nomads….(sighs)
  • Ok…who am I kidding…I have nothing else. I will, however, try to be much more cheerful tomorrow…when it isn’t Monday.

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