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Orange Baby

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When I was a baby and my mom was first starting me on baby food, she would feed me mostly what I liked and introduce a little new food towards the end of the meal.  Turns out as a baby my favorite foods were sweet potatoes, squash and carrots.  Well…I ate so much that I turned orange.  My mom, a first time mother, freaked out thinking it was jaundice and rushed me to the doctor sure I was suffering from liver failure or something.  Turns out it was beta carotene poisoning…didn’t hurt me …I just had to lay off the orange foods for awhile.

Why am I bringing this up? Well because I plan to make my nephew the orangest baby in town.  Let me show you how:

Infant Tony stewart wardrobe

Yep that is an infant Tony Stewart wardrobe…in nearly every size…so he can grow into it.  My favorite part? The smaller bib:

Refill bib

Don’t worry- I bought my nephew lots and lots of clothes and have been since we found out he is a boy.  Proof:

laudry basket of clothes

That is a small laundry basket of clothes I bought for my nephew. I am giving it to my sister in law on Saturday (her shower).  The only things that are not clothes in it are four crib sheets in the very bottom, the bear, the wash cloths and the two small books in the back. The rest is clothes. (Don’t worry I also am giving her none clothes items. I wrapped those separately.

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