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Getting Ready….and What do you think?

Posted by Amy in General

Ok peoples…I leave FRIDAY (that is THIS FRIDAY) for Vegas for the NASCAR races…I am so excited that I get all antsy just thinking about it.  I know I am leaving a whole week early but there is a reason- Slaughter is playing this weekend so I get a doubleshot…Slaughter AND Racing whoohooo). Anyways…for those of you who have been to NASCAR races before is there anything you can think of that I should take with me that I might not think to take???


Also I spent part of this last weekend playing with my new camera and so far I love it…it does have a learning curve as I find it more advanced than my little ol’ canon elf.  Anyway I have seen Janet do this before…so I am curious which do you like better (and why if you can tell me). You can click on each one to be taken to the picture on flicker if you want to look at it in a bigger size.




Also if you want to see more check out my Asilomar Beach photoset, My Deer photoset and my Roxy with New Camera Photoset.

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2 Responses

  • Janet says:

    I like the second one best…more to look at, I think. I like the boat in the background…the big splash …

    As for Roxy…try getting down at her level and shooting some shots that way! I love the one in your flickr account that I commented on!

  • Trixie says:

    I have been to the races at Texas. I find you need a good comfortable pair of shoes and clothing especially if you have pit paces and will be standing for hours. Lots of batteries for the digital camera. Sunscreen…you would be surprised how red your face can get. Definitely ear plugs…unless you rent scanners at the track. I highly recommend the NEXTEL/SPRINT Fan View. A little more $$$, but worth it. Extra bags for all the souvenirs you will buy and all the free stuff. And one more thing…have lots of patience.

    Hope this helps! Have a fun!

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