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A MishMash of Thoughts on a Beautiful Day

Posted by Amy in General

Aren’t you lucky…two posts on one day. I just want to get some of the things that are rumbling around in my head out before the weekend.

  • It is such a beautiful day today. I got into my car at lunch and it was 79 degrees! People that is hot for this are and I love it. The sun is shining and I just feel that spring has most definitely sprung here! It makes me want to frolic in the park…if I were the frolicking type that is. It puts me in a really good mood. Funny how much my mood is based on the weather.
  • Speaking of my mood being based on the weather….it is also reflected in the music I have been listening too (no sad country music and I haven’t played my Angry Mix in days).
  • I just finished off the perfect venti iced black tea lemonade…a perfect compliment to my good mood and the wonderful weather.
  • You know what ELSE puts me in a good mood? Creative outlets. Yep…I have been working on some creative stuff (writing mostly right now) and it just really puts me in a happy mood which then makes me want to write even more! Its a lovely circle…especially when my muse is with me and raring to go.
  • MY CAMERA ACCESSORIES ARE IN finally! Janet knows how long I have been waiting for my wide angle lense attachment. According to the weatherman this weather is suppose to hold out so I hope to play with it a little this weekend. I will post my results in my flickr account.
  • Despite being really busy at work with this new system they have us working with- I am not even feeling stressed about it anymore. I figured that I vented to the appropriate peoples (what are bestest friends for) and gave thoughtful constructive criticism of the whole process to the appropriate people who are doing what they can to make it better.
  • Ok…since NASCAR never fully leaves my brain…I have been scouring the internet over looking for a picture of the yellow subway car Tony will be racing this Saturday in Phoenix and I finally found it. It’s not a blogable picture but you can click here to see it. Damn it is yellow. At least it will (hopefully) be hard to miss. I definitely will not be getting him and Jeff Burton confused this race. Also heard that he will be running this paint scheme in Fontana this fall…hmm…guess I shouldn’t buy a bunch of orange to wear to the race then??

As an aside, AKISMET has been kicking comment spam to the curb like a champion for me. I wish I had thought to ask Pete for help sooner.  The odd comment might end up in my spam folder. I try to remember to look for them…but sometimes I forget so if a comment of yours doesn’t show up. Let me know (email address is at the bottom of the site).

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