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Answering More of Your Questions…

Posted by Amy in General

(see the first set of questions and answers here: Getting To Know Your Driver Redux. Also feel free to ask me more questions…doesn’t matter if you’ve known me forever or if this is your first time here…just put it in the comments).

RevJim says: Your photography is beautiful. What kind of camera do you use?

Photography is one of my newer hobbies and I love to take pictures!!! Thanks for the compliments about them. I am very pro-canon. Of my last four cameras- three have been Canons and greatly loved by me. The other was Sony I had no patience for. I actually have two cameras that I currently use. I use a very simple point and shoot Canon SD630. This is my “purse” camera as it goes with me wherever I go (in my purse). More recently I also purchased a Canon Powershot I5 IS. This camera still has a fixed lense, however, it is more complex and a step closer to a digital SLR camera. I am still learning the ropes with this camera but I love it. I took all my race pictures in March with my I5…except for the pictures of Tony Stewart and Robby Gordon at the autograph signings.

And Andrea asks: How do you feel about the body of work that Duran Duran has amassed since 1986 -and- is John Taylor still hot?

To many of my readers, 1986 probably seems like a completely arbitrary date to you all…but to me it is the year that Andrea (or Andi as I called her) moved away. See we went to school together and she was my best friend. After she moved we wrote back and forth for awhile but drifted apart…until she (somehow) found me! YEY.

Anyway back in the day the both of us were really into Duran Duran. Oh Simon made me swoon! And don’t even get me going about John Taylor!!! Andrea, you may be surprised, disappointed or horrified to find out that it wasn’t soon after you moved away that I discovered glam rock which quickly turned into a love of all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Bands like Poison, Slaughter, Cinderella and even Metallica quickly replaced my love for Duran Duran. I credit Metallica especially with getting me through some really rough times in junior high and high school. I then mellowed out and embraced country and now my iPod is full of a bizarre and eclectic mix of country metal and 80s pop with a couple of wayward rap songs thrown in for good measure.

Then about a year and a half ago or so my boss came in and was telling me about how he was buying tickets to go see Duran Duran (we both enjoy going to concerts so he was always telling me who he was going to see)…and I found myself downloading some songs to my ipod. I have to admit though, the stuff from the 80s is still closer to my heart than their newer stuff. And…yes…John Taylor is still hot. Simon however- not so much.

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  • Janet says:

    The Reflex…my fav Duran Duran song!

    How did you get into NASCAR?

  • Andrea says:

    Your turn toward Glam Rock doesn’t surprise, disappoint, or horrify me at all. When all my friends in high school were listening to Depesche Mode or Erasure, I was sitting in the back seat begging to listen to Motley Crue or Def Leppard or, please just a little Van Halen. Why did they torture me so?

    Plus, I have to admit, I mostly liked Duran Duran because they were hot, not because I appreciated their music. I still like it, but I have trouble deciding if it’s good, or if I enjoy it because there’s so much nostalgia surrounding it.

    Also, what was with our obsession with all-things-Patrick-Swayze? Seriously, how many 6th grade girls would want to watch “North and South” over and over again?

  • Do you believe the media is putting too much pressure on Joey Logano?


    Why is your groove bad? LMAO!

    What is your favorite thing about Tony, besides his driving abilities?

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