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More Answers! And Flickr Favorites for May! And Exclamation Points! Oh My!

Posted by Amy in General

Janet asks: How did you get into NASCAR?

My dad got me into motorsports in that as a very young child I have fond memories of watching races with him. Mostly Indy races but I do have memories of NASCAR races too. I have said this a lot, but races like the Indy 500 and Daytona 500 and Talladega races where treated like the Superbowl in my house. Days were planned around it. Plus I have just always had a “thing” for cars…and I think I was drawn to NASCAR initially because the cars resembled cars you would see on the street so it was something as a kid I identified with more than Indy cars. My mom says that it shocked the heck out of her one day when they walked into the living room and I was sitting on the floor watching a race instead of cartoons.

Karah-Leigh asks: Do you believe the media is putting too much pressure on Joey Logano? Why is your groove bad? What is your favorite thing about Tony, besides his driving abilities?

Regarding the media and Joey Logano…I say not necessarily. I think he is one to watch and has been for awhile and he knows this. He has already been very vocal about voicing his opinions on things like the age limits for driving nationwide and cup cars. He has made it no secret that he wants a Sprint Cup ride and ASAP. That is a high pressure job so learning to deal with press (both positive and negative) in addition with the pressures that come from racing in general might be a good experience for him. Of course this will not help with driving ability and maturity. Those will only come with experience so I say throw the little fish in the lake and see what happens.

Why is my groove bad? I mean it bad as in bad-ass. When I decided to move from blogspot to have having my own domain it was done very quickly. I had two ideas off the bat…badgroove.com and pencildonuts.com Bad Groove besides having a racing connotation is also a Slaughter song I like…so I picked badgroove.com (plus it fit better on my license plate when I had a vanity plate on my car: BadGruv).

My favorite thing about Tony Stewart besides his driving ability? It’s hard picking just one thing…but maybe his attitude/personality. Of course if you asked my friend she would tell you it’s because he is my “type” but that is a whole other ball of wax!!

And finally: My May Flickr Faves. As always click on the picture to be taken to the original mosaic in my flickr and visit some of these amazing photographers:

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