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It’s Like Sitting In A Dentist Chair for 9 hours.

Posted by Amy in General

So have I mentioned the construction going on in my building at work? Yeah they are working on the ventilation system here…and good because frankly it needs it. However sitting in an office where the “construction” actually sounds like a dentist is drilling your teeth only for hours on end? Not pleasant.  I am not sure what my deal is but when I am in a certain frame of mind or mood certain sounds drive me to the brink of insanity and this happens to be one of those noises. As a matter of fact…I WOULD RATHER be sitting in my dentist’s chair for 9 hours because at least my dentist is hot.  Yes the ONLY reason I got to the dentist with any regularity is because he is hot. Yeah he is married and he actually has the most adorable little boy judging by the pictures that are in all the exam rooms…but he is so NOT hard on the eyes and that makes laying there with your mouth craned open as far as it will go tolerable.

How did I get on the topic of my dentist when really I was telling you about the evil but necessary construction? Who knows. Anyway- nobody else in the building seems to remember that we were told this would all be over by May 31st…however someone lied there because I am still hearing that evil noise.

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