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I’ve Got A New Attitude….And A New Layout too!

Posted by Amy in General

It’s funny how a sassy new haircut can give a girl a new attitude. I have one of those (both the new haircut and the attitude)…and it shows let me tell you. For those asking about pics of my new ‘do I will try to have my mom or my coworker snap some shots…because it is darn near impossible to take a picture of your own head. I know. I have been trying for a couple of days now- and ran my little camera out of battery trying! The funny thing is that I am so normally a wash and wear kind of girl and this one has me not only blow drying the hair but flat ironing it (because my hair is naturally wavy).

Anyway, as you can probably see I have a new layout too. Actually its a reworking of an older layout….thanks to the artistic stylings of Karah from DOATB, who did all the hard work (ie the wicked cool new Tony banner and changed the colors slightly from the original) while all I did was ask stupid questions like “uh what’s a style sheet and where do I find it?” I hope you like it…cuz I LOVE it!

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go strangle my dog before I go get my geek on by playing some FLATOUT2 (I play that instead of NASCAR08 because at least in that game you are suppose to hit the other cars).  And I am kidding about strangling my dog…but she is having a barking fit at the dog next door through the fence…and I have to shut her up before the other neighbor pitches a fit again.

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