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Pre-Glen musings on being a Tony Stewart Fan…

Posted by Amy in General

I have never been big into following sports, except for NASCAR. I mean I loosely follow football- to the point where I have a favorite team…basically one I pulled out of the air as a child…and that is who I root for if they are playing. That is about it.

However, NASCAR is a completely different story. I have been a Tony Stewart fan a long long time. I want nothing more than to see my driver in victory lane every week. I know he wants to be in victory lane every week too- he has all but said that. A lot of people who know me casually would probably be very surprised to find out that I am a very competitive person. Seriously competitive. But trust me- I am sure we will talk about this more next week after I find out how I did at the fair.

That being said it is freaking hard for me as a Tony Stewart fan to have my driver still be winless this far into the season. Every week I fret about him falling out of the chase. He lurks dangerously close to the bottom. A place I don’t like for my Tony to be. I would probably still worry even if he was 6th or 7th….but not as much as I worry about him as a ninth place guy.

It’s been hard to see “my” race team struggle. I have stood in front of my TV more times than I am willing to admit willing Team Home Depot to victory as if that could help. Obviously it doesn’t or we would have won Daytona. My dad seems to have picked Tony as his driver, as have my brother and sister-in-law, and of course my nephew doesn’t have a choice (mom is still the evertrue Junior fan-I don’t think I can convert her. And BFM is still the die hard gordon fan- so much so that I think she may actually bleed dupont paint). Half of his wardrobe is orange! Ok maybe not half but a damn good portion. He’s got 20 stuff up to size 24 mos- and you can be damn sure as soon as they have Stewart-Haas or #14 child wear- I will be ordering it up. But there I go digressing again.

I watch practice times (I try to remember to dvr it so I can actually watch it but that doesn’t always happen). I pay attention to qualifying (I am usually at work so I can’t watch it persay- but I keep track of what is going on best I can via nascar.com and foxsports.com). I actually cheered when my friend called me as I was leaving for lunch yesterday and said QUALIFYING WAS RAINED OUT! Because I knew that means automatically Tony gets to start 9th. That gives Team Home Depot a fighting chance tomorrow at The Glen. Tony has won a lot at the Glen…and I know he likes the track and feels comfortable there. I hope to see him cross that finish line first tomorrow…because we really need a win before we hit the chase and the Glen is as good as place as any to get it!

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