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Post Michigan Wrap-up

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Yeah I know it’s late…but I have been crazy busy- really its the same old song and dance and by the time I get home at night blogging is not high on my list of priorities during this time when I am so “slammed” at work. Luckily I can post date my blogs and have them publish when I want to so it looks like I am more productive that I am. So onto Michigan:

Going over the notes I take during the race. Yes I take notes- yes I know that probably makes me nerdy but if I hear something or see something and I want to remember it I will never remember what lap it was on. Of course some of my notes have nothing to do with the race. For instance I have written: Lap 14 Mom goes to babysit Matthew across the street. Why I wrote that? I don’t know really but my mom asked me when she went and I was able to guestimate by the lap. So during warm up laps Tony offers to buy after the race, to which crew chief Greg Zipadelli tells him “Damn straight you are” and spotter Mark Robertson offers to be the designated driver. Anyway…Team Home Depot started off with a really loose car which seems to be the trouble throughout the day (getting a little better after each pitstop). Team Home depot did have some really good pitstops. Radio communications that I heard on hotpass (and remember these are censored) were very positive. Tony praised his crew for good pitstops a couple of times, Zipadelli praised/encouraged Tony several times, telling him he had good laptimes, or that they would continue to work on the car. Other teams seemed to be strugging with frustrated drivers, including Jeff Gordon who told his crew “That was a sorry pitstop.: Dale Jr got frustrated with his spotter and told him not to tell him anything except that when a car was under him. The rest he didn’t care about. Even Denny Hamlin snapped at reporters that his team “Didn’t even deserve to be in the chase.” It was a frustrating day for many. But Team Home Depot kept level heads and worked slowly to improve the car- and Tony was able to finish 12 and move up another position in the points up to 6th. (I am still not breathing easy about making the chase until we are locked in).

Other Notes about Michigan:

  • I couldn’t watch much of the nationwide race. I honestly don’t remember what I was doing on Saturday but I was busy. But I found this picture on Flickr from the race. I have to say…I love the Firesuit…and I think it rocked that Tony agreed to wear a firesuit with hearts, stars, and mushrooms on it.  (click on above picture to be taken to the flickr pic).
  • Heads up to Travis Kvapil who not only finished 13th, but was also able to keep his car under him on Lap 109 when Hornish got loose and came across his nose.  I am telling you Kvapil has talent!

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