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Welcome Back Me…and Fridays Old meme’s

Posted by Amy in General

Well hello there! Did you miss me? Come on…we both know you did. Anyway I had a GREAT time at the race in Fontana. I have lots of pictures and stories to share regarding that…but it will take me a bit to get that all going for you so you will have to be patient there.  I did have lots of fun and ended up sunburned before I even found the speedway (another story).

Anyways Here is J.’s Back To Skool MI-5:

1. Think back to the soundtrack of your high school years – what were you listening to then? I was very into the “hair” bands. Bon Jovi, Poison, Slaughter, Motley, ‘tallica…you get the drift.

2. It’s an average Thursday night– what’s on TV? I wasn’t too big on tv.

3. What was playing at the local Bijou then? We didn’t have one. We still don’t best to my knowledge.

4. What character from “The Breakfast Club” best described you during high school: Judd HircshNelson, the brooding rebel without a cause?  Molly Ringwald’s pampered princess?  Ally Sheedy’s freak in need of a bottle of Head & Shoulders?  Emilio Estevez’s varsity jacketed jock?  Or Anthony Michael Hall’s dweeby dork?  I was a cross between Ally Sheedy and Anthony Michael Hall. Smart but dweeby dork who was a freak that stood mostly on the outside and looked in.

5. Does looking back at your junior & senior high class pictures cause you to cringe, wondering why nobody stopped you from walking out into public looking like that?  Why?  Mullet?  Poodle perm? Urg…when I wa s a sophomore I had the perm from hell.

And Friday’s Fill-in:

1. When I’m sick I’m a pain in the ass.

2. When I take a walk, I think about whatever is bothering me at the time.

3. Money can’t buy happiness but it can sure make you comfortable.

4. Cotton makes me think of underwear and leather makes me think of cars.

5. The strangest person/character I’ve had lewd thoughts about was probably from a book.

6. My favorite color these days is purple because it’s my favoritest color.

7. And as for the weekend, friday I went to Qualifying for the Pepsi 500, Saturday I went on a tour of the Queen Mary in Long Beach and Sunday I was at the Pepsi 500!

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