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Friday Meme Day: Fill-in 88 and The MI-5

Posted by Amy in General

First the Fill-in #88

1. If I was to walk into your life, would you please walk softly?

2. Catch a bright star and place it in your pocket…but it might burn a hole in your jeans.

3. And you can send me to the moon.

4. Sorry I am crying but I’m dealing with a memory that never forgets.

5. I’m the innocent bystander / Somehow I got stuck in the catch fence.

6. What’s keeping us apart isn’t selfishness, it’s pure unadulterated hatred.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to GOING HOME AND CRASHING, tomorrow my plans include Sleeping and Richmond if it doesn’t rain and Sunday, I want to SLEEP!


And now My SELF MI-5:

I was inspired by an article in SELF magazine for this week’s MI-5.  The article was called “Create Your Happy-Life List” and this list is derived from the little workbook box in the article.  That box gave room for four answers in each of six boxes. I only used four of the boxes and added my own question to the list.  Feel free to give as many or as few answers to each question as you like.

1. Every day I would like to: (examples given were: get my heart rate up, sleep for 15 more minutes, be loving to my partner) wake up refreshed, express my creativity and read (for pleasure) for at least 30 minutes.

2. Every week, I would like to: (examples given were: cook a meal from scratch, pamper myself, spend time alone) Spend quality time with my nephew while he is young and growing, expand my cooking, and keep from getting behind in my laundry because its one of the things I hate to do the most.

3. Before next year, I would like to: (examples given were: clean out my closets, take a class, track my spending, plant an herb garden) write a book, take an awesome picture, completely clean out my closets and donate all the stuff I don’t use anymore to goodwill.

4. Before I die, I would like to: (examples given were: start a business, try skydiving, go skinny-dipping, make a difference in the world) drive across the united states in an obnoxiously big RV with just my best friend, my dog and no agenda.

5: How likely do you think you will be to complete any of these goals? Which will be the easiest? Which will be the hardest? Most of mine are pretty doable…and some of them I already do.  The hardest one would be the driving across the united states one. Sure sounds like fun though.

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