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Post Richmond- Understanding Both Sides Of The Fence

Posted by Amy in General

The race at Richmond was a battle royale even for Team Home Depot.  To maintain a position in the chase team Home Depot had to score 35 or better.  Thanks to Tropical Storm Hannah the Saturday night race was postponed until Sunday afternoon and qualifying was a wash. This however, was a good thing because it meant team Home Depot started 8th because they were 8th in points.

Considering the season team Home Depot has had this year, I would say Richmond was pretty much a success.  They had a car that despite handling problems, seemed to work well in traffic and allowed Stewart to move up through traffic and stay towards the front of the field all day.  Team HD actually had fairly quick pit stops and crew chief Greg Zipadelli was a calming force through out the day feeding his driver encouragement along with his lap times, making sure Stewart knew he was just as fast if not faster than the leaders all day. It was actually quite an exhilarating end to the race as Stewart made sure to give Jimmie Johnson a run for his money at the end…but Johnson was able to hold Stewart off for the win, his second in a row.  You can be darn sure I was on my feet yelling myself hoarse and willing that Home Depot Camry to pass Johnson on that final run to the checker. Unfortunately it just was not going to happen.

Now regarding Tony’s post-race hissy fit so I know what that is like for both groups of people there. I know what it is like to lose and want to win really badly and just be frustrated and want need to take that out on something.  It bottles up in you…the want the desire…you do as much as you can and you can almost taste that little slice of victory yet…alas you don’t get it. I know that need to throw things.  Hell I have done it myself. (I come from a long line of hotheaded people…lucky me huh?) However I also know what it is like to have someone around you be so frustrated that they take that frustration out on you.  They yell, they toss things, they say things they probably don’t necessarily mean.  So I can understand Tony being frustrated and throwing his gloves (and his hans device, and his steering wheel, and his heel guards, and his towel, and his coke bottle).  I also understand Zipadelli defending the crew and telling Stewart to “cut that crap out”  I just hope that Tony realizes that those guys did a great job out there…or he probably wouldn’t have finished as high as he did.

Other Notes About Richmond:

  • Did you all see the new Home Depot commercial with the proverbial handing off of the steering wheel? I don’t know how I feel about that one.
  • Um why did Jimmie think that Stewart was going to try to bump him out of the way at the end? He isn’t Kyle “King of the Bump and Run” Busch.
  • I was a little disappointed that HotPass didn’t do a post-race with Tony…but I understand why after his little fit and him just sitting there on the pitwall…I am personally surprised they got him to do the chase picture at the end of the race.

Next week: Chase Race number 1- New Hampshire

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3 Responses

  • John says:

    I haven’t seen Tony’s temper this bad in years. He has to be under a lot of stress with trying to get a few wins for Team Home Depot before the end of the year. He could also be quite stressed with setting up his new team.

    As for the Home Depot commercial today, the handing over of the steering wheel to Joey Legano made things a little more real for me. It’s hard to believe that 10 races from now Tony will no long be part of the Home Depot team.

  • Charlie says:

    I wonder how Tony will handle frustrations like what he had at Richmond when he is the driver and team owner. Will he temper his reactions more – and in the process, change the competitive nature of his driving? Or will that nature tend to accelerate his exit from driving? I think that is hard to say.

    The commercial is nicely done. Classy on everybody’s part.

    Great post Amy!

  • RevJim says:

    I actually thought it was good to see Tony so emotional about losing the race, it means he still has that strong desire to win that has earmarked his career. I still have mixed feelings about his chances as a team owner/driver. What did Jimmie mean “team mate..next year?” Did he mean Chevy team mate or was he spilling the beans about how Hendrick will cheat on the four car limit?

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