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My Second Nascar Race- Day Two: Qualifying Day

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Ok- so I wake up in my wonderful hotel room and we laze about a bit. Qualifying is in the  afternoon and we don’t want to get to the track too early…so we both shower and dress and goof around. On our way downstairs to go to breakfast is when we discover crew guys are actually staying at our hotel. Jeff Burton’s Nationwide crew and Joey Logano’s crew appear to be milling around the lobby waiting for something or someone…probably their ride to the track.  We on the other hand head across the street to breakfast.  After having breakfast we head over to starbucks where I get my staple (venti iced black tea lemonade with extra extra ice).  We finally land our keisters at the track and spend a good portion of the morning walking around the midway area (I am sure they call it something different but I call it a midway). We visited sponsor booths and driver merchandise booths. I was able to refrain from purchasing anything- but I did get a free box of ant stakes and a couple of packets of turtlewax Ice.  Oh and a nifty Richard Petty Driving Experience bag that I ended up giving to my mom.

Can I just say this…it was really freaking HOT there. I don’t mind hot but it was hot and humid I guess and it was miserable for me. I was so freaking thirsty half the time. I ended up going through like two bottles of water and three gatorades that day alone. After I hydrated we walked to the pedestrian tunnel to the infield and set up our pit passes and went and explored the pit area for awhile. I got some good shots of some of the cars coming and going for practice. It was hot and I spent some quality time with some misters by the refreshment stands.  We then hiked back out of the pits back through the pedestrian tunnel. Did anyone else who was there think the poor sealions on display looked a little sad? They seemed sad to me.

Then we sat in the stands and watched the end of practice for the Nationwide race and then watched qualifying for the cup guys. My friend screamed her approval so loud when Jeff Gordon was qualified second that it startled me and I nearly dumped red Gatorade down my shirt!  Of course he was knocked off that by Allmendinger and she claimed she was MAD at Allmendinger for knocking her beloved Jeff out of the P2.

Mostly for me Qualifying day was just hot and dehydrating and sticky. We then hiked back to the car and that was fun.  Here are some of my favorite qualifying day pictures:

Click on the picture to be taken to the Flickr set for Qualifying day.

Click on the picture to be taken to the Flickr set for Qualifying day.

Coming Soon: Day Three: The No Nascar Edition.

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