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Experiencing a little Deja Vu (or Substituting for the Louden Pre-Race Post)

Posted by Amy in General

Instead of doing a lengthy pre-race post for Louden where all I do is go RAH TEAM HOME DEPOT like I have been doing- I have decided I am instead going to attempt to recreate the wondrous post that was so good- wordpress and firefox3 decided to share it for dinner. So I now present you with the bullets that disappeared on me.

  • First off- did you read my accounts of the Fontana race weekend? If not start here. This is one post for each of the four days I was in Fontana.
  • Next week I will post a final recap comparing the track at Fontana with Vegas…this is a post I have had written for weeks in my head- its just a matter of getting the thoughts out in wordpress.
  • Valli over at the Fast and the Fabulous is becoming quite the reporter! Her most recent interview was with Dale Jarrett. She does an amazing job because I would probably stutter all over myself. Pretty much like when I met AJ FOYT as a teen and my dad basically had to push me at him. I was all slack jawed. Silly rabbit. Anyway- Part 1 of DJ article, Part 2 of DJ interview, Part 3 of the DJ interview. Part 4 and Part 5 of the interview are all up on her website. Check them out…you won’t be sorry!
  • Also…speaking of Valli- she was in Fontana at the same time I was, we were suppose to meet up but I forgot her phone number at work…big fiasco.  However- You have to read this post she made: fate finally throws me a bone. See Valli gets media credentials and I loved all of her behind the fontana scenes posts because I was there and I can picture them…but the one I linked too? Its the best of them all!
  • One more must read post is over at The Nascar Insiders: Helmet Cam: Pit Stops Through Our Eyes. I have noticed these Helmet cams and love the views they present. I only wonder if they are heavy enough where the crew member notices them?
  • OK- can someone explain to me how this little frustrated spattering of conversation between Tony Stewart and Greg Zipadelli got so freaking sensationalized?  Yeah there was Stewart’s sarcastic tone on the radio and his little hissy fit (which unless you were watching his hotpass channel- you didn’t even get to see the WHOLE fit! Normal broadcast only showed the incar fit. You gotta love the hotpass).  Then there was Greg Zipadelli’s defensive retort to the sarcastic Stewart…both driver and crew chief I am sure felt they did their absolute freaking best that day and just came up a little short and blew of some steam at each other. Big Woo. Are these journalists making such a big deal out of this so perfect that they have never been frustrated and blew some steam off? I mean seriously. Hell I remember once being so frustrated with a Chemistry assignment in high school that i picked up my book and threw it across the room (mostly because I got talked into taking honors chemistry only to find myself WAY over my head math wise.  I am still not sure how I passed that class). A couple months ago I was working (very hard) on a baby bunting that I needed to finish before the baby shower and found that somewhere along the line I had dropped a stitch and the damn thing was all fugly and had to undo over half of it to fix it. That pissed me off and the yarn ball went a flying. Luckily it was a yarn project and not a say…woodcarving project or something because I am sure flying wood causes damage.  Yeah…so back to my original point. Blowing off steam….not a big deal. Frankly they probably wouldn’t have even gave it a second thought if it weren’t for the fact that the Stewart/Zipadelli partnership (which I am going to post about hopefully next week as well) is dissolving at the end of this season.
  • Judging by the weather at Louden this race is gonna be a washout…and Monday isn’t looking much better.
  • I am pretty sure that there are some other things I wanted to talk about but I can’t remember what they were.  Oh well if they are still relevent- more fodder for next week.

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