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Fantasy Racing and Football Pool update…

Posted by Amy in General

So my fantasy racing league is still at 27% and I didn’t do much better points wise this week than I did last week.  This last weekend my picks were: A. Jeff Gordon B. Vickers and Gilliland C. Kyle Petty.  This week I have a really good feeling about Tony and Kansas…so I am telling you all right now I have already picked Tony for this week as my A driver.  Wish me and Tony luck!


I know I have mentioned the football pool I am part of every year. You pick a team each weekend following these rules:

1. You can’t pick the same team twice.

2. You pick wrong twice and you are out.

Guess what people? I am already out. Three weeks (three picks in).  The Seahawks gave me my first ding…and the Patriots my second.  I KNEW I should have picked someone else. Oh well…so I am out already. Bah.

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