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My Fave Five Bits O’ NASCAR Lovin’

Posted by Amy in General

Over at ON PIT ROW, the discussion was “What are your Five Favorite Bits of NASCAR?” Of course I thought this would make a great post so I am going to post my fave five bits o’ NASCAR loving:

  1. The Carl Edwards kamakazi move to over take Johnson at Kansas- I was sitting back thinking Jimmie Johnson had it made. I looked over at my mom and said “There’s no way Carl will catch him…its too late” and as soon as those words poured out of my mouth Carl goes sliding into the corner past Jimmie. I mean drivers just don’t drive into the corner too hot like that (on purpose anyway). Yeah he knew he was gonna hit the wall…but how many times did we see Kyle Busch use the outside wall as a bumper this season and still win? It can be done. Carl gave it a valient effort…that exhilarated me and I was rooting for Jimmie (well to win…I always root for Tony…but he was too far back to make a bid for the lead way too far back).
  2. Actually attending races this year- I have been a fan since I was in single digits but only managed to wrangle myself out to a NASCAR race for the first time THIS YEAR. Sad but true. However I LOVED it and am totally hooked on that experience. I already have tickets for the Vegas race next year (FYI I also found my way to Fontana later in the year).
  3. Converting my best friend into a NASCAR fan- We have been friends since junior high. Seriously. She moved away to socal to go to college and we remained best friends…then she moved away to Las Vegas to live and we are still best friends. She recently admitted that she always thought my obsession with NASCAR was odd. During the summer last year I was visiting her in Vegas and looked at her and said- “Hey will go to the races with me here?” She just kinda looked at me and said “I guess.” I bought her ticket and we went to the March race in Vegas. However- by the time this season began she was already well into fledgling race fandom. She started watching races and read some books on NASCAR because she “wanted to understand what she was watching” and now she is hard core just like me. She can even do the points spread in her head after most races for her driver. (She picked Jeff Gordon as her driver).
  4. The CHASE format- If we didn’t have the chase format- Kyle Busch would probably still be way way out in the lead. With this chase format at this point anyway- it’s still anyone’s game. Of course I am sure Kyle Busch doesn’t feel this way…and if Kyle were Tony…I probably wouldn’t feel this way- but I am loving it this season.
  5. The SD Channel on DirectTV HotPass- I am probably way in the minority here- but I would much rather watch the SD channel on HotPass than my driver’s channel- because I can here my crew’s team chatter while watching the national broadcast.

HONORABLE MENTION: Tony Stewart and The Home Depot Crew- Tony and the Home Depot boys have had a craptacular season. Their luck absolutely stinks this season. It started bad (On probation, then Tony hitting the wall in Vegas) and has not gotten better yet! There have been speeding penalties, pit road problems (Like running into Vicker’s gas man), illness and more thrown gloves, helmets and towels than you can shake a stick at. Oh and not to mention that whole little “What Will Tony Do” debacle…and then the Tony’s leaving revelation. Yet they still show up every week, dig their heels in and try.

So what are your five things you are loving about NASCAR or about anything…

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2 Responses

  • Charlie says:

    Nice list Amy. The cool thing is, there are no bad lists, if they’re sincere. Thanks for the link and for joining the discussion. BTW, ii is ON PIT Row – with a “W”. …don’t ask

  • vdeputy says:

    I am new to NASCAR so I barely have five things but…

    1)I first read the book, Sunday Money, by Jeff MacGregor for a project I was doing. It made me fall in love with the personalities, the spectacle, the excitement of NASCAR and started me on my way to fandom.

    2) Also because of “Sunday Money” I chose Jimmie Johnson as my driver. (It was written during his rookie year). That has turned out to be a great choice and I’ve loved watching Jimmie forge to the front.

    3) The Brickyard – which I know was considered a terrible race by experienced hands but it was my first race to watch and my guy won so what can I say!

    4) Learning to know all the drivers as individuals. I’m not a hater so I’ve warmed up to most of them…even Kyle. Ditto, learning the tracks which also have their own personalities.

    5) I too enjoyed Kyle’s wild attempt to win at Kansas. Very exciting although maybe I wouldn’t have been so thrilled if it had actually worked!

    I’m looking forward to the future with NASCAR.


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