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  • First off…happy birthday Tessy.
  • Yesterday I was on my way home when BFM called to tell me that she was watching THIS WEEK IN NASCAR and it was ALL about the controversy surrounding the win…well unfortunately by the time I get home and get the tv on and tuned to SpeedTV – the only part of that I saw was crew chief Zipadelli yell something to the effect of: “That’s bullshit- you can’t pass under the yellow. Where’s my Official?” (which is something you didn’t see on the national broadcast).  It cracks me up because its nearly word for word what I yelped when I jumped off the couch.  Except I might have thrown in an extra f word and instead of saying where’s my official I believe I said something like- NASCAR NEEDS TO REVIEW THAT.  Even my mom picked up on the fact that it was nearly word for word what I said when I jumped off the couch.
  • Can I brag for a moment?  My nephew is getting bigger and is so adorable!  He’s 6 months old, weighs nearly 15 lbs…is really LONG…and has started learning to wave.  The other night he came across the street for a visit and sat and played in the laundry basket with my clothes and a couple of toys…he was having such a ball in the laundry basket- it was cute. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera charged up so you will have to trust me on that one.  It was darling.  He has also started reaching out for people when he wants them to pick them up. That’s fun.  As are baby kisses! Ahh..ok you talked me into it. Here’s a picture:
Making a Face
Making a Face
  • More bragging.  I got my love of taking pictures from my father. He has always loved to take pictures. He is in a place where right now he has far superior photography equipment than I do.  He has said recently that he might have the equipment for it but I have more of an eye for the pictures. Somehow…I don’t think so. He took this amazing photo at a local airshow of a jet and the shockwaves coming off him as he is about to break the sound barrier:

    Pushing the Envelope

    Pushing the Envelope

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