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Chase Race 5: Lowes MotorSpeedway (Charlotte)

Posted by Amy in General

Another race that I didn’t take notes for. I wasn’t too nervous this time. This time? I was too sick. I had been fighting off something most of the week. Well Friday it decided it was here to stay. And tonight (Sunday) I still feel craptacular.  So realize I write this from a vague memory clouded by cold medicine.

  • I remember Tony moving up to the front quickly from his seventh (or was it 8?) place starting poisiton. He seemed in good spirits on the radio. The team seemed to be working well. He liked his car for the most part.
  • There were too many pink cars. I had trouble telling Kyle apart from Bobby Labonte.  And Elliott Sadler’s car looked more purple to me.  I also really have to say that I rather enjoyed Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car. I thought that orangyreddy metallic was cool!
  • Speaking of Dale Jr…I thought he was kind of funny when they asked him if he could tell his tire was about to blow…I don’t remember WHAT he said…but I remember thinking it was hilarious at the time. Again this may have been the cold medicine speaking.
  • Tony got a speeding penalty and then it seemed to just go down hill from there…but he did fight his way back up to 11th.
  • Travis Kvapil took a hell of a hard hit! Ouch!

This is pitiful but its all I have.

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  • Charity says:

    Honestly – as many people had speeding penalties, you’d think they’d have figured out that when going 200mph, it’s near to impossible to slow to 45mph on a dime! Sheesh!

  • Ryan McShane says:

    I had a great time at the race. I sat among several Stewart fans and one poor hater, whose Mastercard-inspired “Stewart into the wall: Priceless” shirt didn’t go over too well. They razzed him pretty good.

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