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The Crew Chief of Shredders

Posted by Amy in General

That is what my friend just called me.  Why? Because I just fixed my shredder at work.  Yeah I am a little proud.

It all starts with me being too lazy to empty said shredder because it ALWAYS makes a huge paper mess on the floor and normally our office doesn’t get vacuumed but once a week.  Except lately I have been thinking that someone has been vacuuming daily.  And I notice that they have been taking my trash out too!  Anyway I digress.  So I had been putting off shredding because well I was too lazy to remove the shreddlings bag.  Well finally it got to critial mass and I turned to empty the shredder and I notice that by some magic someone has already emptied the shredder bag! But now my shredder won’t work. Well I notice they put the top on backwards so I fix that- still a no go.  I try different plugs and turning it on and off and such and still nothing. So I take the shredder off the base and notice its JAMMED full of paper. So I unplug it and set it upside down on my lap and painstakenly (using a bic pen because no way was I sticking my fingers in there even though it was unplugged) removed all the jammed in paper. And VIOLA! It worked. YEY me!

It’s the troubleshooter in my I think. Plus I have always been fascinated with how and why things work the way they work. I told my mom- I think I should have been a mechanic.

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