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More Post Phoenix stuff–

Posted by Amy in General
  • First off- thanks to ABC on the east coast switching over to America’s Funniest Home Videos when the race at Phoenix ran a little long this weekend…my DirecTv SD channel went away (even though I am on the west coast) and I had to watch the end of the race on the national broadcast- which meant I missed the rest of Tony’s radio communication- which means I missed anything he might have said about the two run-ins with Allmendingdong. This is one way that DirecTv Hotpass fails: If the national broadcast gets changed to a different station for a delay they just shut down.
  • I also failed to mention yesterday a little joke that Tony’s spotter made while Tony was racing up through the field fairly early in the race.  Tony had been struggling to get around Marcus Ambrose and when he finally did- the spotter told him when he was clear and then said something to the effect of “When racing someone from Australia you always have to pass them down under mate!” (he said it complete with aussie accent). It humored me.
  • Speaking of humor…the official that Tony dumped ice water down the back of during the rain delay red flag didn’t seem too pleased. Boys will be boys!
  • When Tony stalled during the second red flag (for the Kvapil/Speed detanglement) it sure was nice of Ryan Newman to give him a little push to get him refired. Now my question is…was Ryan just being friendly- or was he trying to earn brownie points with the new boss?
  • Apparently the national broadcast failed to show a little “discussion” Stewart had with Dingdong on the track after the race:
Stewart and Allmendingdong Discussion
  • And finally congratulations are in order for Kurt Busch and Crew who edged out the #99 crew this week for the Gillette Young Guns Time Shaver of the Race award. They spent the least amount of time in the pits this weekend. Way to go.

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