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Banking Since The Takeover

Posted by Amy in General

So I bank with one of those banks that were taken over by a different bank because of the banking collapse. That bank would be Washington Mutual who was taken over by JP Morgan Chase.  And I am going to start off by saying I have no issue with Chase- they are the holders of my auto loan and I have NO issues with them or the service they have given me there.  My issue is with what use to be Washington Mutual.  I have banked with WAMU for years and have always been really happy with them and both their inbank and over the phone customer service for years.  I am not a high maintence person when it comes to my banking habits…except I have a bad habit of losing atm cards.  Well unfortunately right during the collapse I happened to lose my ATM / Check card again.  My problem with that is I am not a check writer- I am an atm card user.

These are the issues I have had since they reissued my ATM card:

  • First they did not send me a pin number for my card.
  • I went into branch to set pin number on my new card and they told me they can no longer do this without the previous pin number- and that I need to wait 10 business days from the time I got my card.
  • 10 business days pass and I go to my main branch office because I still do not have a pin number for my card. After waiting in line forever- they tell me again that they can not reset my pin number at the office without the original pin number. I explained that I still have not gotten new pin number.  Man tells me pin numbers usually arrive a day or two later (not 10 days) and that it would have been in unmarked mailer. I told him I was aware of this and still have not received. He orders me a new one.
  • 5 days later I have a new pin number. Its easy to remember so I decide to forgo changing it and just memorize new one.  Commence in using atm card. Notice that the atm purchases are withdrawing from the WRONG checking account (yes I have two checking and one saving).
  • Go back to main branch and tell them my atm withdrawals are coming from the wrong account. He tells me he can fix that in a jiffy. Claims to have done so. I leave.  Make several purchases online etc and they indeed are now coming out of the right checking account. YEY.
  • Night before last trip to Las Vegas I go to bank to withdraw my funds for the road.  Only to be told that I can not do that because I have no access to that checking account via my atm card. So freaking mad I curse them right there in the atm. Of course its afterhours so no one can listen to me curse their very name.
  • Decide its not worth the frustration to fix…leave that be.
  • Saturday am going Christmas shopping with my mom and I go to wamu to take out money from my savings account however it won’t let me do it. I get some strange message about how the transaction can’t be processed right now. Go shopping anyway.
  • Try again today at lunch to get money out of savings account. Again get same message.
  • Check my savings account online. Its good. The money is in there all happy.
  • Call them to find out WTF is going on with my account.  Turns out they disconnected my savings account from my atm card too when they disconnected my other checking account.

Needless to say I am not going to be banking with WAMU much longer. I just am waiting for two more things to clear and then i will be so out of there.

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