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Biting the Bullets

Posted by Amy in General

So as I have mentioned, I am helping the StewartHaasfan website and today we have a big announcement. We have officially opened the StewartHaasfan Forum. So please feel free to drop by, sign up for an account and say Hi!

  • I hate to brag…but I have ALL of my Christmas shopping done :) YEY!!!! I am actually running behind this year- I usually have most of it done before Thanksgiving.
  • I have 90 percent of my Christmas Cards mailed out. I ran out of cards because I only bought one box. This is after exclaiming last year I wouldn’t send any out. I admit that I wasn’t in the Christmas Spirit last year…I am a little more into it this year.
  • Does anyone know where my rss feed went? Neither do I. Cameron asked me and I still have no answer. I know I use to have one.  More importantly does anyone know how I can get said feed back?
  • I woke up this morning with a pounding headache and a nose that was completely stuffed up on only one side…so stuffy that I am surprised nothing was oozing from my eye or ear…since I got up and moved around the stuffiness is mostly gone- except for in my ear. Arg. Got to love the cold season huh?  Oh and the headache never went away.
  • Today is my brother’s birthday and after work there is a little party for him- as in I will get home roll out of the car go inside look at my mail, brush my hair and probably be rolling out across the street. Unfortunately,  I am still feeling kinda crappy. My head is killing me despite a regimen of headache killers that I have taken every four hours since 6:45 this morning.  I am not really in a party time mood that is for sure. At least its only across the street.

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  • Trixie says:

    I am so jealous of you. I haven’t even made a dent in the Christmas shopping. First of all I loathe it…well at least all the crowds.

    The new website is great. I have signed up for the forum. I am looking forward to some great conversations over there.

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